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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about warranties?
A: All products carry the manufacturer warranty unless specifically noted otherwise. In such a case, AGM Remarketing & Export will warrant the item for the same period as the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction.

Q. Are your products eligible for manufacturers rebates?
A: Each manufacturer has it's own set of rules. The best thing to do is check the manufacturers web site for more details on the particular rebate you are interested in.

Q: How about the packaging? How does it look?
A: Usually, the box we ship the product in is the original factory packaging. However, sometimes the original box has been shipped previously and we decide to repackage the unit in a double-walled brown box to ensure that the unit will arrive to you in good condition.

Q: Is the product I am buying substandard in some way?
A: We don't sell substandard merchandise on our Web site. Our return rates are about 5% -- the same or less than the technology industry as a whole. In cases where an item requires repair before it is shipped to our customer, we use only the original OEM components.

Q: So I can expect the product to be exactly the same as the "NEW" item?
A: You can expect the unit itself to perform as new. However, the unit may be re-boxed in our own packaging which is always clearly identified for you before you buy. In some cases, some of the documentation (manuals, etc.) for a unit will be missing, again, this is clearly indicated on our site. Most customers don't usually find this to be a problem because manuals are generally available on the manufacturers' websites. If you need further clarification on a unit you are interested in, you can call one of our Account Managers and he or she will look up any additional information you require.

Q: What happens if I do have a problem with a purchase?
A: We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have a problem with your purchase, contact us, and we will work with you to resolve your problem. We will do our absolute best to help. If we can't reach a satisfactory resolution to your problem before our 30-day return period ends, we will replace the unit, refund your money or come to another mutually agreeable solution.

Q: So after 30 days, I am on my own?
A: Not generally. Our research shows that an overwhelming percentage of computer equipment problems happen within the first few days of operation. After that, most equipment runs smoothly for years with only scheduled cleanings and maintenance. One of the reasons we sell only major brand-name systems is that the well-known manufacturers are very good at taking care of their customers after the sale is made.

Q: What are your shipping charges?
A: If you are looking for the best shipping options, we have direct connections to major logistics companies to get you the best pricing.

Q: Hey! You didn't answer my question here. What should I do?
A: Call your Account Manager. If you don't already have an Account Manager, just ask for the Sales Department and we'll be happy to help.

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